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Why We Give Away Free Guides to Injured Iowans

One thing that all of the attorneys in our firm have in common is that we didn’t grow up knowing attorneys. Our parents weren’t attorneys and our families did not have attorneys as friends. Growing up, if someone in one of our families had been seriously injured by someone else’s mistake, we would have been lost. We wouldn’t have known what to do or who we should call. We wrote our Iowa Legal Insider Guides because we haven’t forgotten where we came from.

We believe that everyone should have the basic legal information they need to protect themselves after a serious injury. We are tired of injured people calling our office with stories of being taken advantage of by insurance corporations because they didn’t know their rights. Our Legal Insider Guides are designed to give injured Iowans the information they need before they talk to an insurance representative or make another common mistake.

This website,, was created because of the same philosophy. To the right, you can see some free resources that we have developed to answer many of the common questions people have after a serious personal injury. We intend to regularly update this site with solutions to the types of problems our clients are facing so that other people can learn from their experience. If this website can serve a guide to families who don’t know what to do or who to call, then it will be one of our proudest accomplishments.

The attorneys in our firm have chosen to dedicate our life’s work to representing injured Iowans and their families. If you would like to talk to one of us, please call us toll-free at 1-855-IA-LAW-GUIDE. Otherwise, feel free to browse this site, review the legal information that we are sharing, and discover how to protect yourself after a life-changing injury.

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